Holy Moly! I don’t quite know  how this happened, but I have two articles left hanging since like a month! I guess it’s the infamous writer’s block – I wasn’t able to get past one paragraph. Meanwhile I looked at  at the calendar, and there I saw it. Mamma Mia! Mother’s Day approaching!

This time I decided to stay a little ahead of the calendar and make gift chocolates today.

But this courageus idea left me thinking –

what should the chocolates for Mother’s Day be like?

Definitely  unique and one of a kind (oh, these cliches,  don’t we all love them).  Definitely they should be heart-shaped, preferably red or pink. But what about the filling? How to make something unforgettable?

The paragraph  you are about to read is going to be a little pretentious, Let ya’ll be warned!

I wanted to make chocolate hearts  with filling that  reflects the uniqueness of the relationship between a mother and a child. It is said that the mother’s relationship with her daughter is one of the most difficult human relationships. Having the experience of unilateral, I consider that this relationship is certainly colorful and definitely the emotions accompanying it cover pretty much the full spectrum.

Having thought that, I realised I had my answer right there!

What does this mean in practice?

Americans, the nation famous for its bravery , discovered  already a while ago the hypnotically-narcotic combination of sweet and salty (salted pretzels or salted potato crisps coated in chocolate, or …salted caramel!) Who has not tried  this freaky combination just yet, should quickly fix this error. The sweet-salty combination doesn’t come up as obvious at first sight, but I promise you it will hack your brain and blow you off your feet.

And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my salted caramel chocolates with a twist! Maestro? Musica!

chocolates for a gift

To do 20 large chocolates we need:

Filling-salted caramel:

 (Recipe taken from the Court on the part of Sally’s baking addiction.)

  • 35 grams of sugar
  • 30 grams of salted butter (Anglo-Saxon invention, you can use plain and then add salt to taste)
  • 40 ml of  full cream (36%)
  • A quarter of a tbsp. of salt (or so called a pinch if you will)
  • And a promised surprise twist -cardamom and cinnamon to taste


  • Put sugar into a pan, heat over medium-high heat
  • When sugar starts changing colour to slightly brown, slowly add butter
  • Mix butter with sugar. 2-3 minutes until smooth
  • Very (very!) carefully add cream (make sure the mass doesn’t boil!)
  • Stir carefully for about a minute
  • Then add the salt and stir again
  • Remove from heating and let it cool off
  • When the mixture reaches room temperature put it for an hour in the fridge

salted caramel

Chocolate topping:

  • 100 grams white chocolate
  • Optional-red food colouring


  • Melt the chocolate in a water bath (if you’re feeling adventurous you can try to temper it)
  • Add a drop of red colouring and mix thoroughly
  • Form balls  with caramel  and then dip those in red chocolate
  • Gift wrap and go and visit your Mum!


Chocolate heart


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