As per my recent post chocolate tempering is not going so great these days. I decided to make a little  upgrade and so I purchased a tempering machine Unfortunately, here in Poland the only models available are big, expensive and dedicated to industrial use. And so I decided to cheapen the experience and find something suitable, second-hand online

Much to my delight, I found a small chocolate tempering machine dedicated  to household by ChocoVision- C116MINIREV1 Rev. Chocolate Tempering Machine, Mini.

As much (or as little) as  350 USD can buy you one. May be not the cheapest household machinery but if in use constantly, the investment will soon be returned.

Unfortunately, this model is not available in Poland and therefore I had to make a purchase in the United States (what was I thinking???)

Before removing my  credit card from my purse I asked five people with technical background for confirmation if   I can go wild with the purchase and if supply 230 volt on a device designed for 110 volt is safe.

From each of those people interviewed by me I heard a different version of what I do, to prevent such equipment from burning.

Finally, following advice of the most techinical mind from my pack, decided to purchase the adapter US-EU with grounding.

With trembling hands and heart I plugged in my new acquisition. And it worked!

For full 15 seconds before the machine burned… So I guess that’s that when it comes to my adventure with auto tempering.



pencil sharpeners to chocolate

chocolate tempering machine

pencil sharpeners

And so if it works this is what it does


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