Friday, 6 A.M. The alarm rings. I am slowly trying to crawl out of my bed.

When I lean out from under the duvet I go shaky.  From the cold. I look out of the window. it looks pretty much like autumn to me. Darn! So early this year. Early autumn invariably reminds me of w school uniforms that children used to wear. It reminds me of all the fuss when new school books had to be bought.  And also those delicious plums that I used to pick in  grandmother’s garden. I would stuff my face with them,  even while still balancing on a ladder.

dried plums in chocolate

This chilly morning, It stroke me! It was time to prepare essence of autumn munchig. Prunes in dark chocolate.  Gateway to the most melancholic season.

Even the first step of the process is rather challenging.  I am referring to drying- or dehydrating – of plums. Based on my experience I can advise never to dry plums in the oven or in the sun. Unless you have a proper dehydrator I suggest you stick to “ready-made” prunes ( pick the organic ones, without any added sugar).

Dear reader if you’re wondering why I’m suggesting shortcuts, wonder no more.

Mainly because I respect your sanity. How so? Plums contain tons of water which makes the whole dehydrating process time consuming and inefficient. The other problem is that plums contain a lot sugar, so they becomes all to easy to burn.

If you’re feeling couragious and decide to dehydrate plums in the oven, please let me know the results.

Once we have dried plums – or prunes , we can proceed to the main recipe.


  • Prunes-50 g
  •  Dried orange peel-teaspoon
  • Dark chocolate 70%-100 g
  • Cinnamon- tbsp

Preparation :

  • Melt chocolate in the water bath
  • Temper chocolate
  • Add the orange peel and cinnamon
  • Dip prunes in the chocolate and stir them until thoroughly covered
  • Move the prunes to parchment-lined baking sheet(please remember  that chocolate if well tempered will solidify in roughly 20 minutes at room temperature, so make sure each prune has a desired form).

dried plums in chocolate and cynamonie


dried plums in chocolate and cynamonie

Serve with fruit tea or pack them away as a gift to a friend whom you share childhood memories with.

Please let me know in the comment section if you’ve ever tried preparing this delice at home.

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