During my recent research of the virtual world, I came across quite a specific campaign (pro).  Dechox or chocolate detox is a campaign designed by the British Health Foundation. As we can read on the project website, “dechox is a challenge, on which more than 16000 people in Britain in March decided to stop eating chocolate, supporting the research of heart disease”.

But really is dechox or chocolate detox necessary?

According to the initiators of the action chocolate has catastrophic affects the human body (see page with the popular myths about the chocolate). Let me present you just a handful of the popular beliefs.


According to the British Health Foundation the idea that dark chocolate is healthier than milk or white is nothnig more than a myth.

I would like to hereby remind ya’ll that dark chocolate may be the most valuable component of both bulking and slimming diet (sic!)

due to the beneficial ingredients in cocoa, which help keep insulin levels in check, as well as a number of micro-and macronutrients which have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Another random myth  that is quoted on the website refers to the consumption of chocolate by diabetics. The authors of the campaign say that “If you have diabetes then you should be able to consume moderate amounts of chocolate. There is no need replace the usual chocolate products with products for diabetics.” And what is the reason for abandoning that idea? On the  very page we read: “products for diabetics are richer in fat and may nevertheless cause an increase in blood sugar levels.”

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Superb! I  do understand that biology programme for primary schools may not contain extended course in human physiology , but the British Health Foundation, as I understand , is formed by the doctors (?).

I believe it’s somewhat outdated myth that fat will make you fat, and products  rich in it should be eliminated from the diet. If you’re  more interested in this matter, please refer to the literature.

To sum up, I am slightly apalled. The idea of raising funds for heart disease research is indeed great. The challenge of giving up sweets for the entire month, especially among the most obese people in Europe, deserves only a praise. But mixing in chocolate  seems to me a bit of a misunderstanding.

Polyphenols contained in chocolate not only help to prevent  cancer, but also support the work of the entire blood system. Thus, can prevent heart disease.

Dechox-I’m not buying it.

And you, what do you think? It’s worth to give up chocolate? Below links to the campaign

Chocolate Orange is the New Black


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