No one is born a chocolatier, just like no one is born a prima ballerina.
Having a little bit of practical experience in both of these fields I can safely say that making chocolate is much simpler than Grand Jete or Arabesque.

And it ‘s a great news!

So how to become a master chocolatier?

If you’re persistent enough and have reasonable level of self-denial, you can become master chocolatier even today! Or a chocolate maker! Or….

But what, the fudge,is the difference between a chocolatier and a chocolate maker?

So let’s start with the basics and learn some proper nomenclature. It seems quite self-explanatory, however let’s make it clear once and for all.

Chocolatier is a confectioner; someone who manufactures confectionary using couverture (ready chocolate).

Pralines, bon-bons, that Easter bunny you secretly nicked off little Jimmy….
Yeah, you get the idea.

So how do you pursue a career in chocolate business?

The answer is simple and logical – graduate from (at least!) four faculties. I believe art studies, agriculture, perhaps biochemistry, and ingineering, will be highly relevant. I’m not even a joking at this point. It’s science.


When we are more enlightened than Kant, Voltaire and the Chernobyl power plant altogether, we can start looking for a confectionery career opportunities.
Of course when you are as old as me, and are trying to ditch corporate lifestyle ,you will be wanting a shortcut. This is when on- and offline courses come handy.

The choice is wide. just choose your location. if you speak English which I’m assuming you do, you’re good to go. Check out International Cullinary Center if you’re US based. Otherwise you might want to stick to an online course or find something local instead.

chocolatier or chocolate maker?

At Ecole Chocolat for example, if you have as little as $ 650, you can get yourself signed up to an online course. And don’t you be fooled by the form of the studies. The programme is quite extensive. A potential master chocolatier can choose, a year-round course  devoted exclusively to making chocolate pralines and figurines . Unfortunately, the target audience is, again,on the other side of the pond, so if like me you’re based in Europe, online real-time exams can be a little bit of a challenge.

chocolate lollies

Chocolate maker on the other hand is a person (or business) who, by applying special magic, turns cocoa beans into a bar of chocolate as we know it.

These days bean-to-bar is huge in chocolate industry I’m sure, if you have even minimal interest in the subject, you can easily spot those humble bars at your nearest organic supermegastore or at your nearest petrol station (this is how this trend balooned!)
So if you want to become a chocolate maker, both the good and the bad news is, you don’t need any special course or diploma. Most of the chocolate makers learn on the job.

Good luck :)

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