So it happened! I caught cold. I thought I’d been taking good care of myself but yeah….no…So I’m stuck at home miserable, sick and desperate. Suddenly Netflix is not so much fun anymore and I’ve been banned from exercising for a while. So what can I do? Well, chocolate obviously…duh

I’ve been playing with various chocolate speard formulas for a while now, but this time I decided to make an upgrade. The below recipe is a true masterpiece of fusion cuisine so brace yourselves!

Chocolate -mascarpone spread – upgraded version

Why upgraded? Well, I don’t fool around these days. And there’s something sexy about cooking with spirits. It makes one….spiritual I guess?


 Having said that I’d gone to my local store to purchase some spirit.

Pretty heavy metal thing. Like I said…I don’t fool around these days in the kitchen. Most of the spirit has been used for lovely chocolate liquor (I will share the recipe soon). The remainings however have been used a base for this fab spread. So without further ado :

Ingredients :

  • Good, solid spoonful of spirit (96% alcohol in case you were planning on ghost hunting). Manipulate the dose until you find your sweet spot. The final product should be tangy*
  •  200 g mascarpone cheese
  • Caster sugar to taste
  •  200 g dark chocolate
  • Jar or any other container – wait is that an ingredient?

Preparation :

This is an easy part, I promise you that!

  • Melt chocolate in water bath
  • Add caster sugar while stirring
  • Carefully stir in mascapone
  • Add spirit
  • Stir until smooth texture
  • Store in a fridge for up to two weeks
  • Don’t eat it for breakfast or if you plan to drive


Upgraded chocolate spread


Serve  on toast or non-salty bread sticks. Or just it with a spoon straight of the jar.


*Disclaimer – please be careful with spirit. During spread testing phase my friend got completely knocked out!

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