“But how’s that?! Cheese and chocolate?! ” I heard from a friend when I showed her occasional photo on my Instagram (follow)

The surprise is probably due to the fact that

Chocolate is associated with sweetness. We like to think about cheeses rather in terms of “salty”.

In the end we all heard about wine + cheese combo. For more adventurous readers I also recommend my guide- soon to come – how to pair chocolate with wine (stay tuned folks!)

So what about cheese?

The first time I heard about cheese and chocolate pairing while I  was on holiday  in Colombia.

It turns out that cheese dipped in  hot chocolate is a traditional delicacy served in many cafés in Bogota. Hearing about this delicacy (?) for the first time I winced in a slight expectation of the worst.

It turned out, however, that the cheese served in hot chocolate is a soft cheese, in the taste resembling a bit ricotta (maybe a little more blunt than ricotta and -yes! that’s possible). As a result, the shock for the taste buds was a bit smaller.

But really speaking of serving yourself a surprise, it turns out all the fun is to hack the sense of taste and strike  with salty and sweet. Simultaneously.

Sounds silly? And Salted caramel, anyone? Camembert and cranberries? These are the classics of this type of matching

Okay. Enough of it. Let’s get down to business and pair something.

and by that, I mean – of course –

Cheese and chocolate pairing 101.

In this post I am not going to go into into the depths of the art of pairing.


This time just the basics – what to pair and how to eat it to come out as snobisitic and fancy ;-)

So here’s the cheat sheet in five bullet points :

  • White chocolate is great with Swiss cheeses, emmental and gouda (and it’s great for Riesling to drink along with these)
  • Milk chocolate is perfect for the cheddar as well as soft cheeses like ricotta or cream cheese (and to drink, to strengthen the sweet sensation on a tongue -Port wine)
  • Dark chocolate will perfectly break the taste of spicy mould cheeses-such as Brie orp parimiggiano regiano(this combination will go great with young, light wine such as primitivo)
  • The cheese and chocolate are served at room temperature to bring out their taste
  • We start tasting with a cheese that is chased with chocolate

And that’s it in the first part.

In case of doubt or a different opinion, I encourage you to leave a comment:-)

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