This year’s summer is slowly going away. Along with the summer, there go all those wild parties in the open, until dawn  (in winter you can also party in the open but it takes some certain level of desperation  IMHO). Back in the days of my long lost youth I still remember those  summer nights.

There was no sitting at home. Every weekend was filled with joy, dancing and coctails. However chocolate coctails did not appear in my menu until recently. Back then I preferred more more refreshing drinks (shame on me!)

And what is the single  best refresher  in the heat of the night? Cocktail! A good coctail!

Since we’ve reached almost the end of summer, the nights are no longer so sultry. Hence, there is no need for such refreshment. That’s why cocktails can take on density and clarity. and chocolate!!


Some time ago I gave a recipe for home made chocolate liqueur. If you managed to do it at home, then great! It will serve as a basis for today’s experiments.

Here are some recipes if you want to take a closer look :




Today I want to  introduce  three unforgettable  recipes   (that is if you manage to stick to the the limits of consumption).

Recipe 1-Chocolate Martini-Chocolatini

Chocolatini is the invention of recent years-the whole internet is overwhelmed with many variations of this cocktail. Often there is a version of Bailyes’em (as even here). However, I bet on a version based on the good, old vodka.

Chocolate Cocktail-Chocolatini

Ingredients :

  • One unit  of  chocolate liqueur -40 ml
  • One unit of vodka 40 ml
  • Sweet Cream (Note! I  recently swapped oridinary sweet cream for the vegan rice cream and the results are amazing!)
  • Fruit or chocolate for decoration
  • Additionally -cocoa to decorate the glass (I stayed modest and skipped this part).


  • Mix all ingredients in a shaker
  • Done!

Recipe 2-chocolate – coffee cocktail


  • One unit  of  chocolate liqueur -40 ml
  • One unit of vodka 40 ml
  • Espresso
  • Sweet Cream-also can be vegan (rice cream works amazing)
  • For decoration- raspberries


Note-  the drink will have layers

  • Pour into whisky glass all ingredients in the following sequence –
  • Espresso
  • Chocolate liqueur
  • Vodka
  • Sweet Cream
  • Decorate with raspberries
  • Ready!

Chocolate cocktail with a touch of coffee

Recipe 3-White Chocolate chocolate cocktail

This cocktail is the smoothest of all the three,  but at the same time the sweetest

Ingredients :

  • Two units of vodka-80 ml
  • 25 g white Chocolate
  • Coconut milk- Light 50 ml
  • Coconut Cream 50 ml
  • 20 g icing sugar or normal ground for powder
  • Lavender for decoration


  • Pour into a  saucepan  vodka, cream and coconut milk
  • Add sugar and chocolate
  • Stir until chocolate melts
  • Whisk heavily or homogeneous texture
  • Put it away in the fridge to cool
  • Shake before serving
  • Decorate with  lavender

White Chocolate Chocolate Cocktail

Which cocktail is the most appealing to you?

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