It is said that the day of wedding is the most beautiful day in a Woman’s Life. No wonder many young brides want this day to be Perfect. From  dress and comfortable shoes to wedding favours.

Recently trending, chocolates make ideal wedding favours.

Some time ago I was asked if I would be able to prepare wedding favour chocolates. This question gave me thrills.

I cannot say it was a mostly  pleasant feeling. I was slightly petrified! But after careful considerations, I decided to give this idea a go!

Recently I had an opportunity to run a test. Namely – I have been invited to a wedding!  And so I bravely offered my chocolate services as a present to the Newlyweds.

My offer met with reasonable enthusiasm, and so at the end of September I found myself  in a production mania.

Objective: 100 Wedding Chocolates

Assumption :

I had to divide my work to batches to make it digestable for one person. After all it’s been a single largest batch of chocolates producted by me in one go so far!

Stage 1

This stage was fairly easy. I just had to temper some chocolate. In this case, I used chocolate 55%. To the chocolate mass I added some orange peel  and for breaking the taste…. rosemary!

After tempering I had to pour the chocolate in the moulds and wait a few hours for it to set (in reality I could resume my work on the following day).

One hundred Wedding hearts


Stage 2

The second stage was a reasonably pleasant part- decorating. The 100 chocolate hearts were  treated with golden (edible!) spray and glitter (also edible!).

After doing this – again,  I had to leave the chocolates to dry for a couple of hours.

 Stage 3

In my case, this stage turned out to be the most laborious (who would’ve thought!)


Unfortunately in this case, I had to pick each chocolate separately using dedicated tweezer and pack it into a cellophane pouch. Then I had to tie a bow with a ribbon and cut the excess cellophane.

For such prepared chocolates all it took then, was reattaching the tag (luckily this time it was not my job).

Packed Wedding Chocolates

Step 4

Probably the most stressful of all – guests reaction and feedback.

During The Reception I was really stressed and worried, in case I’d messed up and so I was closely observing guests’ reactions. To my surprise not all of them realised at first they had a piece of chocolate put in fron f them!

Luckily, in most cases a second glance was enough to get an idea of the nature of the golden heart (phew!!).

What do you think? Are chocolates a good idea for wedding favours? Please let me know in the comment section!

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